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Situated in the heart of Dalmatia , surrounded by beautiful islands of the most dented coast in the world, Vodice for a long time has been famous traditional tourist place that has shown and proven to the world the real beauty and joy of vacation.

Many guests come back to these wonderful untouched shores because they can not resist the beauty of the nature which takes even the most demanding tourists ‘ breaths away. This place has something for everyone. Besides the beautiful pebble beaches and sparkling clear and clean water , there are possibilites of many different excursions and cruises to nearby islands.

National Park Kornati is a labyrinth of 140 islands , islets and cliffs placed in only 300 km2. According to the legend, God created Kornati on the last day of the creation of the world from some white rocks that were left in his hand and decided that nothing should be changed. Come and convince yourself of the exceptional grandeur of this natural miracle.

Only 25 km away from Vodice flows the pearl and the pride of this region, the river Krka ( National Park ) with its many waterfalls and lakes, canyons . It is changeable and upredictable, a beauty that seduces. Sometimes it is quiet and motionless and sometimes it flows wildly and vivaciously over the canyons and flows into lakes and ponds and into the sea, and it breaks into stones and rocks and scatters its pearls of fresh sweet water. Embrace the beauty of untouched nature and feel the breath of history in the fortresses of ancient Croatian nobles.

If you like diving visit islands Krapanj and Zlarin and enjoy the dazzling world of Adriatic sponges and corals . Animal lovers and children would surely be animated by excursions to a nearby island Logrun known as the world ‘ s first donkey preserve.

Sport fans can enjoy swimming, “banana” ride, scooters, surfing, tennis, swimming pools, cycling . There are many marked bicycle tracks that lead to many cultural and historical monuments ( Middle-age churches, sweep-wells which gave the name to Vodice – meaning Waters ). If you like fishing, Vodice offer many possibilities of renting boats, fishing with the owner, excursions to Lake Vrana, only 25 km away.

City of Sibenik , 13 km far from Vodice is the largest city in Sibensko-kninska district, part of which is Vodice. Visit Sibenik Cathedral – significant monument of Croatian and world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO.

If you like to escape from the city, visit many village farms where you can try delicious local cuisine and Dalmatian wine and find out a lot about a way of life of the local people ( picking olives, preparation of homemade wine etc.).

In the daytime, bathed in sun, full of life, fun and smiling faces, Vodice at night seems to be even livelier. The wonderful marina on the waterfront with a promenade is a favourite gathering place of tourists who find their refreshments and entertainment in many cafes, pastry shops and restaurants that offer many delicious seafood specialities cooked by local recipies. And all this accompanied by the romantic sounds of Dalmatian “klapa” singers , that walk through the streets and give a special atmosphere on summer nights.

“Klapska” Dalmatian song is a an authentic product of Croatian cultural heritage. Visit Vodice and if you are not in love yet, you will fall in love here. Celebrate with all the Vodice people and all Vodice guests on the 4th of August on” Vodice festa” (party) and on the 3th of August on “Srima festa”. Dance all night in many discotheques. Don’t You think that is all you need?