House order


These rules and information are assigned to all guests (users) of “Villa Oaza” apartments:

A mandatory law of Republic of Croatia and registration into e-Visitor system requires every guest to present valid government ID upon check-in. Registered guests only are allowed to spend time in the apartment. More information on the legal basis for collecting personal data for e-Visitor registration of guests are available here .

A stay at our apartments starts at 14.00 o’clock (2 p.m.) on the first day and ends at 10.00 a.m. on the last day of your stay. Last day of your stay ( day of your departure ) is not included in the total number of days you stay at our villa.

In “Villa Oaza” the time of night rest begins at 22.00 (10 p.m.) and ends at 8.00 a.m. next morning. During this time, all the guests are urged and obliged to respect the appropriate piece and quietness as a consideration to other guests.

During their stay, guests are able to use all offered units and appliances inside their apartments, as well as a grill-house in our yard. Guests get the kindling for free but must get a charcoal at their own expense. Guests are kindly asked to clean the grill with the appropriate kit which is under the grill as a consideration to other guests. While handling the grill please pay attention to live coals not to fall out of the grill in order to prevent unwanted fire. There is a rubber hose with water on the right hand side close to the house.

During every shift of guests, apartments are being completely cleaned and tidied up by our host/hostess. Towels, bedlinen and kitchen towels are being changed during every shift of guests or every seven days, in case the guests are staying longer than seven days . In such case, host/hostess are delivering clean bedlinen, towels and kitchen towels and guests have to change them themselves and to put used towels, bedlinen and kitchen towels in the prepared sanitary bags and leave them on the stair-case and host/hostess will collect them.

Upon their arrival in our apartments, guests get one apartment key and they keep it till the day of their departure.

All our guests are informed about the use of all the units, furniture and appliances and are obliged to handle them appropriately and considerately. In case of breakage or loss of a certain object or an appliance in the apartment, guests are obliged to inform the host/hostess about the matter at the moment of the incident and also obliged to refund the value of a broken or lost object.

“Villa Oaza” host/hostess has a right to enter one ‘s apartment ( when the guest is absent ) in special circumstances . In case the host/hostess concludes that his entry is necessary to avoid a damage or danger of a predictable or unpredictable proportion ( emanation of water, fire, wind that can damage the casement and shutters and/ or similliar ). In case of such an entry, the host/hostess will inform the guest about the time and the reason of such intervention.

Every person, who is not registered as a guest in “Villa Oaza” are not allowed to stay long, sleep or stay overnight in our apartments.

It is not allowed to carry weapons, forbidden narcotics or any other dangerous goods into our apartments . Carrying any other objects, extra beds, appliances, devices or machines into our apartments is allowed only under the host/hostess consent. The same rule is valid for any kind of equipment ( sports, diving, fishing or hunting equipment ) which is not usually used within the household.

Pets and any other animals are not allowed on the premises of “Villa Oaza” nor in the apartments.

Smoking is allowed in the apartments. Please do not throw cigarette butts in the apartment or in the yard and take all the necessary precautions to prevent fire for your own sake as well.

It is expressly prohibited to use candles and any source of open flame. Any damage caused by negligence of the guests will have to be paid to the owner of the property.

All the guests have to take care of their own belongings and valuables themselves. The owner of “Villa Oaza” and all the staff are not responsible for any loss of guests belongings and valuables.


Data controller is Anita Dubravica Baričević, Prečko 37A, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 48378907410. Contact for exercising the rights of the respondent:

Data Controller uses video surveillance of the certain parts of the exterior of the Villa for protection of persons and property, based on legitimate interest according to the Article 6, Paragraph 1 (f) of the General Data Protection Act. Collected data is not provided to other recipients except in cases prescribed by law. Collected data is not exported outside of the European Union. Records are stored for 90 days, after which they are deleted (unless there is a legal threat or a legal case and the records are needed for the legal process or are exempted by the written request of the competent body). The Data Controller respects the rights of the respondents to access, correct, delete and restrict the processing of their personal data, as well as the right to file a complaint on the data processing and the right to data portability. These rights are realized by submitting a written request to the adress of the Data Controller. The respondents have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Agency.

The host/hostess of “Villa Oaza” is allways at your disposal, so feel free to refer to them for any information needed, on this mobile numbers : 099/201-4280 and 098/736-576.

Thank you.

The owners of “Villa Oaza”