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If you are among those who really want to rest while on vacation, Srima is the right choice for you.

Srima is a small but picturesque tourist resort located  next to the well-known tourist destination of Vodice. Srima is well-known for its long pebble beaches and a sand bay. It is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, particularly suitable for families with children.

If you feel like some summer partying after a whole day of lying in the sun and swimming, Vodice is not far away. Vodice and Srima have actually been one for a long time – few people know where Vodice stops and Srima begins.

The Srima peninsula was inhabited as early as the prehistoric and ancient ages. The most valuable and best-maintained archeological locality is the dual late ancient basilica complex in Prizba.

On the hill above the settlement is a little church consecrated to Our Lady. This is a single-nave building with a bell tower. The original altar with a painting was burned down in the 1918 fire, so it was replaced with a Byzantine Lady with a silver shirt. On the apse of the church is a valuable fresco from late 12th century showing Mother of God with a Child and St. Vid’s and St. George’s figures. A picture of a plowman next to St. George’s figure is quite interesting, probably a self-portrait painted by the author of the fresco.

You will often come across numerous cyclists, skaters and joggers on your way from Srima to Vodice. Wind-sailing and snorkeling enthusiasts will be able to find pleasure here as well. A concrete football field and a basketball court is open to all interested in these sports but also other games. Nearby there is a playground where children can play while adults enjoy their coffee by the side.

Srima is particularly well located as its wider area offers lively cultural events and entertanment.As all other villages around it, Srima organises its traditional summer fiesta and bowling tournament at the beginning of August – a popular event including local klape singing, good wine and Dalmatian gourmet specialities offered by the bowling organisers at the end of the tournament on tables around the bowling court (in a relaxed local atmosphere).

At night, Srima is ideal for parents with small children and all those longing for a good break from the fast pace of everyday life.

However, if you are looking for some fun and entertainment, or a delicious Dalmatian gourmet meal, in only 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot, you can find yourself at the centre of a lively atmosphere of well-known cafes, night clubs, restaurants and numerous events organised in Vodice.

Calendar of Events in Srima

  • Srima Fiesta – 3rd August every year
  • Sv. Roko – fiesta in Šepurina on Prvić island – 16th August.
  • Our Lady of Angels – fiesta in the port of Prvić on the island of Prviću – 2nd August